Taylor is a international magician based in the South-Wales area, He has had the pleasure of performing over 300 shows abroad in the past six months alone. Taylor’s style of magic suits many different types of events such as: 

  • Wedding magic.
  • Corporate magic.
  • Pubs/restaurants.
  • social gatherings.
  • street magic.

His close-up magic has been extremely well received by all at the events he has performed at from small pubs based in the Gower peninsula, Princes trust corporate events to Ferrari restoration companies across the country in Kent.

Taylor has been in Spain performing at the prestigious House Of Illusion, which is a world famous magic theatre where people from all over the world travel to visit. While he was here he specialised in parlour style magic, but also performed big scale illusions to 400 people each night.

Taylor is able to adapt his style of magic to accommodate any needs of the event from performing magic to one or two people to big crowds and anything in-between.