Impressions of reality show.

Good evening all i have recently been working on putting on my own public magic shows. This was the first night i put on in a local independent cinema venue called cinema and co.The event was a a beaming success and i was overwhelmed with the comments i had after the show. We had 5 stage acts in total who were all amazing: Russell wells with his amazing comedy juggling and glass walking routines, Chay Wisdom with his unique mind reading routines, Leonce knowles a amazingly talented drag star and finally Sean Anthony Davies who was kind enough to compare the evening and did a amazing job i really could not have asked for more. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the show i can promise you the will be more to come so keep your eyes peeledimpressions-of-reality-show-poster


Recent Wedding Fairs

Recently i have have visited two local wedding fairs, one in the village hotel in Swansea and the second in the Ocean View wedding venue. Big thanks to all the brides and grooms who turned up and let me show them some magic. hopefully see you all fair village hotel

Rubik’s cube

Rubik’s Cube

I have recently decided to take up the challenge to solve the infamous ‘Rubik’ cube, after achieving this i decided to adapt this to my magic. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget if you have an event which you feel could benefit a magician please contact me.


Drovers court, 20th December 2015

I was recently booked for a Christmas party event in Gowerton, I Had a really good time there and enjoyed showing a new trick to the audience which i had not yet preformed using a book. The trick went down really and everyone really enjoyed i had some great reactions from people which was really fun when i was preforming some new effects. Remember if you need a magician at your next event contact me to make the whole evening more fun !


California Magic.

Recently i had the privilege of being able to preform at a wedding in California and I had the most amazing time. The wedding was set in a town called Forrest hills in north-an California and it was an amazing setting. I met some wonderful and it was a new experience witnessing some american reactions to my magic which were somewhat different to what I am used too. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more and i would like to say thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to be there.

If you would like me to come preform at your event please email me at  for all booking information.


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The Princess of Wales Court – Coffee Afternoon.

This Tuesday I was invited to a coffee afternoon at the Princess of Wales Court residential living complex. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this event; the people I met were amazing and I had some of the best reactions by the residents. One man was in pure disbelief when his chosen and signed card appeared on the twelve foot high ceiling. The event consisted of many close up magic effects and gave me the opportunity to test out some new tricks which all went perfectly and were well received. Unfortunately the pictures I obtained came out too blurry to use. However, keep updated to my website for information and images of future events. If you have a upcoming event which could benefit from a magician please contact me. All inquiries come with a free demonstration.


Getting dressed done differently.

I recently bought two new t-shirts from foreign-eye. I really liked them so thought i’d try and incorporate them into a piece of magic. If you would like me to come and preform this trick at your next event contact me. I offer a free demo for any inquiry so please get in touch.


Pennard Carnival 

I spent a few hours yesterday down at Pennard carnival. The organizers had asked me to do some walk around/close up magic for the public. I had some great reactions from the public and enjoyed sharing some of my newer sponge ball tricks with the children. On my travels around the day i found this awesome guy in a storm trooper outfit and seen as it was the only picture i managed to get yesterday as my time was limited.I thought i would share it with you. Don’t forget if you have a upcoming event that you think would benefit by a magician please contact me. I offer a demo for every inquiry where i can meet you and give you a sample of what i do.   


Gone !!

Hey everyone this is just a quick video to share with you my newest trick to add to my close up routine. Its called gone and its my new favorite because of its huge surprise ending. I will be making sure to preform this at every close up event i attend from now on if you would like for me to attend your next event please contact me.


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