Why hire Taylor?

Firstly why can a magician benefit your event ? 

Having a magician like Taylor Morgan can benefit any event where there are people. Magic is a great equalizer among people as for a short time everyone has something in common that being astonishment by what Taylor is showing them.

Close-up magic is also a great conversation starter between guests at a wedding or dinner party for those guests that might not know each other as well as others. Starting conversations such as ‘Oh my god, how did he do that ‘ and then sharing their theories on how the magic happened.

If you have any form of event where there may be a gap in the schedule where you are worried your guests may be sat with nothing to do. A close up magician is ideal for this moment as it allows guests to be entertained during this time instead of being sat around waiting. This equally works in restaurants where the guest may be waiting for their food on a busy evening a magician can turn that time from a 10 minute annoying wait into a 10 minute slot of amazement which they will never forget.

Now why is Taylor Morgan the best choice for your event in South-Wales ?

Taylor is an experienced performer who is used to all different types of audiences. He understands his magic is entertainment and works hard to make sure his audience are always laughing and smiling and not politely sitting through boring card tricks learned on the internet like some of the competition.

Taylor brings his alternative entertainment right to your table having the audience laughing joking and gasping. Having preformed at a vast variety of events Taylor is able to adapt his magic to his audiences. Whether its a local restaurant or a 300 person corporate event Taylor understands how his magic needs to relate to all his audiences differently.

Taylor has recently returned from Spain where he performed at the infamous House Of Illusion where he delighted over 300 hundred audiences in the past 6 months. This is where he thrived as a performer and proved his worth, doing big scale illusions and also smaller close-up comedy magic. He really is able to deal with any audience and get the most out his time with them and make sure they have the best time possible.

Taylor house of illusion

Taylor specialises in using cards and coins to share his magic with the audience. However its his Rubik’s cube routines that he is known for both on stage and in a close-up proximity. The audience is left in amazement when they are left with a solved Rubik’s cube in their hand.


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